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All your ELT data pipelines in minutes. Reliably.

Open-source, scalable and fast ELT.
For growth companies and enterprises alike.
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Built with extensibility in mind.

Don’t compromise between the custom needs of a homegrown solution and buying out-of-the-box.
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Build custom connectors

Create a custom source or destination connector using our Connector Development Kit within an hour.
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Edit existing connectors

25% of our users edit Connectors to best fit their use case. Make the necessary changes  like adding custom fields without building from scratch.
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Customize our platform

Whether its making deployment changes, adding security measures, or even writing your own unique workers - customizing Airbyte is as easy as forking the code. As an open-source project, all contributions are welcome.

Loved by developers. Trusted by enterprises.

Reliability at every stage

Whether it’s one connector or hundreds, Airbyte invests in more than just uptime. Our platform works at the speed and consistency you need, no matter the scale.

Protecting data movement

Airbyte is designed around three core industry-recognized data protection principles: system availability, processing integrity, and data confidentiality.

Enterprise-level support

With  an average response rate of 10 minutes or less and a Customer Satisfaction score of 96/100, our team is ready to support your data integration journey all over the world.

Join the largest data engineering community

600+ contributors

Our team and community update Connectors when source APIs and schemas change, allowing data teams to focus on core product development, instead of building data pipelines.

12K+ members

Our  channels range from #advice-data-orchestration to #advice-data-architecture to #airbyte-for-beginners. Members are answering questions and sharing tips daily.

Review our roadmap

Our roadmap is published quarterly and open for feedback! Upvote or downvote items, or write to our product team with feature requests.

Meet our users.

“Airbyte saved us two months of engineering time by not having to build our own infrastructure. Without Airbyte, we’d need to write our own data integration tool that would be too burdensome to maintain. We can count on the stability and reliability of Airbyte connectors. Plus, with Airbyte it’s simple to build custom pipelines.”
"We built and deployed a Smartsheets Python source connector using Airbyte's CDK very quickly thanks to help from Airbyte’s team and the CDK’s ease of use — the first of many!”
“We partnered with Airbyte since the launch of We don’t need to worry about connectors and focus on creating value for our users instead of building infrastructure. That’s priceless. The time and energy saved allows us to disrupt and grow faster.”
"I used Airbyte CDK to write 2 connectors. The experience was amazing, the setup was straightforward, and in almost no time I was able to develop a new connector and get it running.”
“Using Airbyte makes extracting data from various sources super easy! I don't have to spend time maintaining difficult data pipelines. Instead, I can use that time to generate meaningful insights from data. Also, with the great support of the Airbyte developers, I was able to create a new source connector in a couple of hours.”
"Airbyte does a lot of things really well. We just had to set it up, and it ran from there. Even moving 40GB worth of data works just fine without needing to worry about sizing up.”

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