Win $1,000+ and swag by creating new connectors with our new low-code CDK.

Start building!


Hacktoberfest is our favorite time of year. It’s not only our big push to get out tens to hundreds of new connectors, but also our way to give back to the community that helps us to create and maintain these connectors.

This year we want to put a focus on our new Low-Code CDK (in alpha). We are excited to give developers the ability to build connectors as fast as possible by simply modifying boilerplate YAML files.

If your connector does not allow you to use our Low-Code CDK, please feel free to also use our Python CDK.

With that, we’re handing out prizes to anyone who helps to build or edit a connector through November 2nd, 2022. 

To start, simply check out the issues on the GitHub repository and comment on a connector issue that you're interested in building. If the connector you want to build isn't already an issue, simply create the issue!

Awards for EVERY PR

  • Low-Code CDK: $700 for every approved PR
  • Bug / Issue surfaced on the Low-Code CDK$100  (we must be able to reproduce it)
  • Python CDK: $500 for every approved PR
  • Airbyte Swag


  • First place will receive $1,500 and an exclusive Airbyte gold swag pack
  • Second place will receive $1,000 and an exclusive Airbyte silver swag pack
  • Third place will receive $750 and exclusive Airbyte bronze swag pack


  • MUST submit PR by Nov 2, 2022
  • Must follow all guidelines on the project repo here
  • Must have proper documentation for getting started and usage
  • Must include a sandbox account for integration tests
    *As long as you submit your PR by the deadline, you will have 2 weeks to fix any issues.

Join us at #hacktoberfest-2022 in our Slack channel!

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