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Over 40k data engineers use Airbyte to sync data from the largest catalog of sources to their data warehouses and databases.
Over 1,000 of them also build new connectors in minutes.
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The  open data movement platform

Airbyte securely extracts data from all your tools, and reliably loads it to your data warehouse, data lake or database.


Ship more quickly with the only solution that fits ALL your needs.

As your tools and edge cases grow, you deserve an extensible and open ELT solution that eliminates the time you spend on building and maintaining data pipelines

Leverage the largest catalog of  connectors

Airbyte’s catalog of 300+ pre-built, no-code connectors is the largest in the industry and is doubling every year, thanks to its open-source community, while closed-source catalogs have plateaued.

Cover your custom needs with our extensibility

Build custom connectors in 10 min with our Connector Development Kit (CDK), and get them maintained by us or our community. Add them to Airbyte to enable your whole team to leverage them.
Customize ANY Airbyte connectors to address Your custom needs. Our connector’s code is open-source, so you can edit it as you see fit.

Reliability at every level

Airbyte ensure your team’s time is no longer time spent on maintenance with our reliability SLAs on our GA connectors.
Airbyte will also give you visibility and control of your data freshness at the stream level for all your connections.

The backbone for your data infrastructure

Moving critical data with Airbyte is as easy and reliable as flipping on a switch. Our teams  process more than 2,000 billion rows each month for ambitious businesses of all sizes.

Keep your data engineering costs in check

Building and maintaining custom connectors have become 5x easier with Airbyte. Enable your data engineering teams to focus on projects that are more valuable to your business.
Leverage all the alpha and beta connectors for free on Airbyte Cloud with our Free Connector Program.

Get Airbyte hosted where you need it to be

Airbyte helps you deploy your pipelines in production with two deployment options for the data plane:
  • Airbyte Cloud: Have it hosted by us, with all the security you need (SOC2, ISO, GDPR, HIPAA Conduit).
  • Airbyte Enterprise: Have it hosted within your own infrastructure, so your data and secrets never leave it.

White-glove enterprise-level support

With an average response rate of 10 minutes or less and a Customer Satisfaction score of 96/100, our team is ready to support your data integration journey all over the world.

Including for your Airbyte Open Source instance with our premium support.

It's never been easier to integrate all your data

Airbyte Open Source

Self-host the leading open-source data movement platform with the largest catalog of ELT connectors.
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Airbyte Cloud

The easiest cloud-hosted way to address all your ELT needs. Largest catalog of connectors, all customizable. Build connectors in minutes.
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Airbyte Enterprise

The best way to run Airbyte in self-hosted, with services and features that drive reliability, scalability, and compliance.
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Join the largest data engineering community

800+ contributors

Our team and community update Connectors when source APIs and schemas change, allowing data teams to focus on core product development, instead of building data pipelines.

15K+ members

Our  channels range from #advice-data-orchestration to #advice-data-architecture to #airbyte-for-beginners. Members are answering questions and sharing tips daily.

Review our roadmap

Our roadmap is published quarterly and open for feedback! Upvote or downvote items, or write to our product team with feature requests.

Meet our users.

Jean-Mathieu Saponaro
Data & Analytics Senior Eng Manager
Extensibility to cover all your organization’s needs

The intake layer of Datadog’s self-serve analytics platform is largely built on Airbyte. Airbyte’s ease of use and extensibility allowed any team in the company to push their data into the platform - without assistance from the data team!

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Chase Zieman
Chief Data Officer
Chase Zieman headshot
Reliable infrastructure to power your own product

Airbyte helped us accelerate our progress by years, compared to our competitors. We don’t need to worry about connectors and focus on creating value for our users instead of building infrastructure. That’s priceless. The time and energy saved allows us to disrupt and grow faster.

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Alexis Weill
Data  Lead
Ease of use, scalability and
no vendor lock-in

We chose Airbyte for its ease of use, its pricing scalability and its absence of vendor lock-in. Having a lean team makes them our top criteria.
The value of being able to scale and execute at a high level by maximizing resources is immense

Check the success story

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