No-Code Connector Builder: Build Custom Connectors in Minutes

Sherif Nada
May 18, 2023
4 min read
Limitless data movement with free Alpha and Beta connectors

Which connectors can I build using the Connector Builder? 

Today, the connector builder is best suited for synchronous HTTP API connectors. We’ve published a compatibility guide which can help you identify if a specific API is a fit for the connector builder. As we support more components, we expect that the vast majority of API connector needs will be supported. 

If the API connector you need is incompatible with the builder, you can use the low-code CDK to deploy your custom connector to your workspace. The low-code CDK is the framework upon which we built the connector builder and supports more advanced features and components, as well as supporting custom Python components. So if the API you want to integrate with requires a particularly whacky authentication or pagination scheme, you can always write the code for that specific component in Python and the rest of the connector can still leverage the benefits of the low/no-code paradigm. 

If your connector is incompatible with the low-code CDK (e.g: if it’s a database that doesn’t use HTTP) then you can always use the Python CDK, the framework which underpins both the low-code CDK and connector builder. The Python CDK gives you turing-complete freedom over how your connector behaves. You should pretty much be able to build any connector under the sun using it. 

What if I need a new connector but don’t want to build or maintain it myself?

Stay tuned! We have some exciting announcements in the works about how you can get any connector on Airbyte, regardless of how complex it is or whether you want to maintain it yourself.

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