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How to build E-commerce Data Pipeline with Airbyte?

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Create a seamless and efficient data pipeline for e-commerce analytics. Dive into the practical implementation of a data workflow using Airbyte, dbt, Dagster, and Google BigQuery.

Chat with your data using OpenAI, Pinecone, Airbyte and Langchain

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Learn how to build a connector development support bot for Slack that knows all your APIs, open feature requests and previous Slack conversations by heart

Measure Customer Support Sentiment Analysis with GPT, Airbyte and MindsDB

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Learn how to measure customer support sentiment analysis using GPT, Airbyte, and MindsDB. Set up sentiment analysis of Intercom chats, extract and analyze the data with GPT models, and visualize the results using Metabase.

Airbyte and LlamaIndex: ELT and Chat with your data warehouse without writing SQL

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Learn how to chat with your data warehouse using Airbyte and LlamaIndex. Discover the power of querying databases with natural language, bypassing the need for SQL expertise and memorization of complex database schemas.

How to implement AI data pipeline?: Langchain, Dagster & Airbyte

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Learn how to set up a maintainable and scalable pipeline for integrating diverse data sources into large language models using Airbyte, Dagster, and LangChain.

How to write an Airbyte Python Destination: DuckDB

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A guide on how to create a Python Destination (DuckDB). Code snippets linked to a single PR.

Airflow and Airbyte OSS - Better Together

made by

Learn how to create an Airflow DAG (directed acyclic graph) that triggers Airbyte synchronizations.

Deploy a Self-service Business Intelligence Project With Whaly & Airbyte

made by Whaly

Learn how to move your data to a data warehouse with Airbyte, model it, and build a self-service layer with Whaly’s BI platform.

Validate data replication pipelines with data-diff

made by

Learn to replicate data from Postgres to Snowflake with Airbyte, and compare replicated data with data-diff.

Version control Airbyte configurations with Octavia CLI

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Use Octavia CLI to import, edit, and apply Airbyte application configurations to replicate data from Postgres to BigQuery.

Explore Airbyte's Change Data Capture (CDC) replication

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Learn how Airbyte’s Change Data Capture (CDC) synchronization replication works.

Export Postgres data to CSV, JSON, Parquet and Avro files in S3

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Learn how to easily export Postgres data to CSV, JSON, Parquet, and Avro file formats stored in AWS S3.

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