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Move data from Google Ads to Snowflake

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Learn how to easily drive your Google Ads data into Snowflake where it can be combined with data from other sources to get a holistic view of your business.

Build a connector to extract data from the Webflow API

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Learn how to use Airbyte’s Python CDK to write a source connector that extracts data from the Webflow API.

Build an EL(T) from PostgreSQL using Change Data Capture (CDC)

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Set up PostgreSQL CDC in minutes using Airbyte, leveraging a powerful tool like Debezium to build a near real-time EL(T).

Replicate Microsoft SQL Server database to Redshift

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Learn how to replicate data from a Microsoft SQL Server database to a Redshift data warehouse.

Load Google Sheets data to PostgreSQL in AWS RDS

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Learn how to use Airbyte Cloud to load data from Google Sheets into a PostgreSQL instance in AWS RDS.

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