Data Movement Infrastructure
ELT Platform

Built for all your data integration needs, today and tomorrow
certified connectors

Self-Serve Data Extraction

Replicate data using 300+ API, database and file sources, all extracting records at top speeds:
  • Extract terabytes of data from CDC database sources
  • Move data from dozens of systems, all at once
  • Incrementally extract new, updated and deleted records

Predictable Data Loading

Airbyte efficiently loads data to 25+ destinations, and manages typing and deduplication - so you don't have to:
  • Load into warehouses, lakes, DBs or file storage
  • Analyze data immediately with incremental loading
  • Integrate seamlessly with dbt, Airflow and Dagster

Build connectors your way

Build a connector in as little as 10 minutes:
  • No help needed from data engineers. No local development environment required.
  • Self-serve data movement for any HTTP API.
Try out our Connector Builder
Build source connectors for REST APIs by modifying boilerplate YAML files:
  • Decreased development effort and bugs while improving maintainability and accessibility
  • Publish a new connector in less than 30 minutes
Check the Connector Development Kit

Scalable & Unified ELT Platform

Airbyte sources and destinations are tied together by our unified platform, driving reliability across all syncs:
  • Control the propagation of source schema changes
  • Flexible sync frequency from 5 minutes to 24 hours
  • Easily respond to any upstream breaking changes