Airbyte's Open Referral Program!

Refer qualified candidates from your network, even if you’re not an Airbyter. If we hire them, we’ll reward you with $5,000.

Refer a candidate

How it works

Step 1

Tell your contact to apply.

Step 2

Submit the Employee Referral Form within 7 days from the application.

Step 3

If we hire them and they stay 6 months in the job, we’ll send you $5,000.

Terms and conditions

Current Eligible Positions

All full-time positions are eligible. Temporary positions are not eligible. We hire from around the world.


For purposes of this program, people who refer qualified candidates are eligible for an employee referral reward if the candidate is hired by Airbyte, Inc. (Airbyte), as a full-time employee or a full-time contractor, and that candidate remains employed by Airbyte for at least six (6) months.

Candidates who refer themselves are NOT eligible to this program.

If two or more people refer the same qualified candidate, the individual that submitted a complete Employee Referral Form first and meets all the necessary requirements will be eligible for the referral reward. 

All determinations by Airbyte, Inc. on eligibility shall be final and binding.

Employee Referral Procedures

In order to refer a candidate, complete the Employee Referral Form and submit it. This must be completed no earlier than seven (7) days prior to the date, and no later than seven (7) days after the date Airbyte receives the candidate’s application for the role.

You may only refer candidates that are personally known to you. The candidate must verify on the candidate’s initial application form, or verbally when asked during the interview process, that you referred them to apply for the eligible position. If a candidate does not do so for any reason, you will not be eligible for any payment related to such candidate.

Attempting to improperly seek a referral reward will result in immediate disqualification from this referral program for all current and future positions.

Payment Schedule

When you refer a qualified candidate that is hired by Airbyte, Inc. and remains an employee for at least six months, you are eligible for an award pursuant to the terms of this program. Subject to all other terms and conditions stated herein, the full reward amount will be paid within 30 days after the new hire’s successful completion of the six-month introductory period.

Payment Details and Conditions

Payments made under this program are subject to applicable taxes.You are solely responsible for your own taxes and will pay all taxes or levies imposed on you under the applicable laws, regulations and tax treaties as a result of receiving a payment from Airbyte, Inc.  Furthermore, as a condition to receipt of any payment, you agree to provide Airbyte, inc. any required tax information and other information requested by Airbyte, Inc.  Failure to provide any such information within fifteen (15) days of request by Airbyte, Inc. will result in forfeiture to any rights to any payment.

If all criteria are successfully met for an employee referral reward, Airbyte will email you at the email address you provide while filling out the Employee Referral Form. You must respond within thirty (30) days to claim your referral reward. If you do not respond within thirty (30) days you will be disqualified from receiving the reward.

If you are a US citizen, you will need to send us an invoice in order to receive your payment.

If you are not a US citizen you will be paid via PayPal or Transferwise.

Additional information will be provided upon successful completion of an employee referral. You will be responsible for completing the necessary steps in a timely manner to receive the employee referral reward.


The Airbyte Human Resources department is responsible for the administration of this program, including resolving any disputes involving employee referrals. If you have any questions regarding this program or if you have questions about employee referrals that are not addressed in these terms and conditions, please contact the Human Resources department at