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  • Unlimited connectors
  • Custom connectors
  • Database replication with Change Data Capture
  • Normalization and custom transformations via dbt
  • Integration with Kubernetes and Airflow
  • Access to Airbyte’s API and CLI
  • Basic monitoring & webhook failure notifications
  • 24/7 global support on Discourse


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  • In addition to Open-source:
  • Cloud hosting & management
  • Oauth to connect sources and destinations
  • User access management with unlimited users
  • Multiple workspaces
  • In-app chat support with 1-hour support response
  • 99% SLA support for certified connectors
  • SSH tunnels
  • Coming soon:
  • SSO / SAML
  • More monitoring & auditing tools


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  • Discounts for power users or enterprises using over 5,000 credits. Get some first estimates with our cost estimator!


Want to self-host Airbyte and benefit from enterprise features and support? Features comprise extra monitoring and user access management. It will also include SSO/SAML soon.

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What you need to know

What's a credit?

A credit is a data operations unit. Depending on the operation, it can be measured in million rows or in GBs:

Data operations type

What does one credit stand for?

Read API source

6 credits per million rows

Read database, warehouse & file source

4 credits per GB

Read custom source

6 credits per million rows

Write database & warehouse destination


Which discount for high volumes?

We charge you at the end of every month. You can also choose to buy bulk credit packages upfront to get access to large discounts. Reach out to our sales team to access those discounts. The bigger the credit package is, the bigger the volume discount will be.

In the meantime, you can see what your Airbyte costs would look like with our cost estimator and how it compares with other monthly-active-row alternatives. You will get a sense of how our discounts work.

Fair pricing policy

We only charge credits when we provide value:

- We don’t charge for normalization. Users often expect to receive the data in their original structure at the destination.  

- We don’t charge for cancelled jobs when no data has been synced, but will charge for the data synced in the partial sync.

Why volume-based consumption

Databases and APIs should be treated differently

Databases are where we’ve got most of our data. We usually have 100+GB databases with millions and millions of rows.  

If you use an ETL / ELT tool, replicating them will cost north of $100,000 per year, as their pricing is common for APIs and databases, even though database replication can have 10x more throughput. This is also true for files, as they replicate faster than APIs too. That’s why we’re distinguishing our credit pricing for APIs, databases and files, and making it a lot cheaper to replicate databases and files.

We’re part of your infrastructure

We consider Airbyte to be part of your data infrastructure, so a transparent consumption-based model makes more sense. Credits are non-committing and let you be in control of your costs.

Credits displayed and charged for

We store up to 6 decimal places for your remaining credits. So, let’s say, you replicate 1,000 rows from an API source for a sync. The sync would cost 0.006 credits.

However, we will only display the rounded number of credits you have in your account in the web app. So if you actually have 200.65 credits, we will display that you have 200 credits. 


Is Airbyte open-source?

Yes for Airbyte Connectors (under a standard MIT license) and for Airbyte Core (under ELv2 license, learn more here). However, the premium features offered as part of Airbyte Cloud are not open-source. But we're still developing Airbyte in the open and we will continue to maintain a public product roadmap.

Can I extend my trial?

If you need more time to evaluate or to simply pause the account and timer on your trial during your evaluation, please reach out on Intercom in the web app and we will be able to help you.

How do I purchase more Airbyte credits?

You can purchase credits directly through the Airbyte UI with a credit card. If you prefer to pay via ACH or are interested in high-volume discounts, contact us through Intercom.

I have very high volume needs, what should I do?

If you want to replicate more than 150GB of data from your databases or 100 million rows from your APIs on a monthly basis, we encourage you to talk to our sales to access volume discounts.

Where can I find more information on Airbyte’s SLAs?

We’re offering a 99% SLA uptime on our certified GA connectors. We’re not yet offering any SLA for alpha or beta connectors.

What happens when credits have been depleted?

If you purchased credits in bulk and ran through your credits, we will charge your workspace at the end of the month for the extra credits consumed at the discountless rate. Our sales team will reach out before your credits run out to make sure you can extend your discounted volume.

Do purchased credits expire?

Credits you purchase will expire after one year. But fear not, we’re good people. As soon as you renew, we will give you loyalty credits for free that will offset and even go beyond your expired credits. So let’s say you just had 100 credits that just expired. Then reach out to us and buy some credits, and we will add more than 100 additional loyalty credits to your account to offset your expired ones.

What if I have more questions?

Don’t hesitate to chat with us at any time.