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Are you a data engineer, analytics engineer, or software developer with a passion for sharing your data or AI knowledge? If so, we would love to invite you to write for Airbyte's community.

Submit a draft

Why submit a draft?

Become a better writer

Writing is a powerful skill that can open doors and help you stand out from the crowd. If we think your draft is promising, our team will provide advice to make it clear, concise, and engaging.

Gain recognition

We're committed to promoting our writers and their articles on our social media channels (20k followers) and newsletter (40k subscribers). This means your writing will be seen by a wider audience, and you'll have the chance to make a real impact in the data community.

Get paid

We believe that your knowledge and insights are valuable, and we're willing to pay you accordingly. Earn between $300 and $500, depending on your article’s performance.

What is the Write for the community program?

Share Your Data Expertise with a Global Community

As the leading data movement platform, Airbyte is all about empowering success with the right tools. That's where you come in. We're searching for contributors who are just as passionate about data and AI as we are. This is your opportunity to share your knowledge, connect with fellow data enthusiasts, and make your mark in the data and AI world.

Why Write for Airbyte?

Your contributions do more than just fill up our content hub—they resonate with data and AI professionals across the globe. When you write for Airbyte’s community, you're not just sharing expertise; you're expanding your influence and establishing yourself as a thought leader in the field. We're committed to shining a spotlight on our writers, ensuring your articles receive the recognition they deserve.

What We Are Looking for:

We're seeking two types of articles:

Data Insights: These are thought-provoking articles that delve into specific topics or foundational concepts in the data space.

Tutorials: Engaging, step-by-step guides that teach readers how to craft a data product, especially utilizing tools like Airbyte.

Head over to our GitHub project to find a curated list of topics we're focusing on. Please note, we only welcome drafts on the "Ideas" listed topics that are currently tagged as "looking for author". This approach keeps our content strategy streamlined and relevant.

Are You the Writer We're Looking For?

We value writers who can captivate our technical audience with their expertise and insights. If you've got experience in crafting blog posts or tutorials tailored for a data engineering audience, you're a great fit. Familiarity with data integration, especially hands-on experience with Airbyte, is a huge plus!

What is the process?

Submit a draft

To submit your draft, simply fill out the form!

Remember, your draft should be about an unassigned topic from the list of ideas, and it should be shared in Google docs or a similar editor.

Apart from the draft, we're eager to learn about your experience working with data, using Airbyte, and writing. The form will guide you through the details we’d like to know about you.

Draft review

Once we receive your draft, our team will carefully review it to see if it’s a good fit for our blog.

If we think your article would be a great addition to our publication, we will assign the Github item to you, and be in touch to discuss the next steps.

Edit process

Our team may provide suggestions to help you make your draft the best it can be.

As a remote-friendly company, we understand the importance of working asynchronously to accommodate different schedules and time zones. That's why we typically use Google Docs to collaborate on articles.

Publish the article

Once your article is complete, we'll publish it on our blog and share it with our readers.

But that's not all – we're committed to helping you reach a wider audience. That's why we'll also promote your article on our social media channels and newsletter, providing even greater exposure for your work.

Share with your audience

We encourage you to share the article with your audience too, as much as you can, as it might enable you to get the performance bonus.


How do I submit a draft for consideration?

Simply fill out our submission form with your draft, ensuring it aligns with one of the unassigned topics listed on our GitHub project. Don’t forget to share details about your experience with data, Airbyte, and writing. We will guide you through the form.

How complete should my draft be when submitting an application?

It doesn’t have to be perfect or ready for publication, but it should give us a rough idea of how you plan to tackle the topic. It can even be a series of bullet points. Just show us your ability to structure ideas and expertise in the topic.

Do you accept drafts written by AI?

No. We would like you to express your ideas and show your expertise. We don’t care about perfection; we are looking for originality and usefulness. Authors will be banned from the program if we detect AI drafts.

What topics are you looking for in articles?

Check our GitHub project for specific content ideas that fit our current content strategy. If you have similar ideas, feel free to submit an Issue in the Github repo.

How much can I get paid for writing an article?

Writers at Airbyte earn between $300 to $500 per article. This includes a base payment and a $200 bonus for high-performing articles that surpass 1,000 views within the first month of publication.

What makes a draft a good fit for Airbyte?

A good fit is an article that not only adheres to the specified topics but also demonstrates depth, originality, and provides value to our data-focused audience.

How does the review and editing process work?

After submitting your draft, our team will review it for fit and quality. If selected, we may provide suggestions for improvement. The editing process is collaborative and accommodates various schedules and time zones, typically using Google Docs.

When and how will I get paid for my article?

Payment is processed promptly after the publication of your article and the assessment of its performance for any applicable bonus. We use Deel for contracts and payments.

Can I share my published article with my own network?

Absolutely! We encourage you to share your published work with your network to maximize its reach and impact.

How can I ensure my article reaches the bonus view threshold?

Engaging your personal and professional networks to share and promote your article can significantly help in achieving the 1,000 views milestone! We will also do what is necessary on our end to support your article.