Leverage unstructured data with LLMs

State-of-the-art AI can generate insights from unstructured and semi-structured data - Airbyte helps you moving  this data to make it accessible

Centralize unstructured data from all your sources

Leverage our large connector catalog to pull in text-based data from existing sources.

Embed text data on the fly

Automatically calculate text embeddings during the ELT process to capture the meaning of unstructured fields in your data.

Chat with your data

Use vector database search capabilities and LLMs to automatically answer questions about your data.

Make your data accessible to LLMs

Extract unstructured data for all your customers

Use the Airbyte API behind the scenes to extract and centralize your customers documents and unstructured data to make it useful to them using LLMs
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Add a conversational interface to your data

Combine Airbyte’s large catalog of source connectors and the power of vector databases to create a conversational interface that can answer questions about all the data in your organization.
Check a tutorial with LlamaIndex

Extract structured information from your text data

Combining the power of GPT models, Airbyte data sync capabilities, and  AI logic automation, businesses can gain actionable insights and revolutionize their customer service strategies.
Measuring sentiment analysis, classifying or categorizing your unstructured data, everything becomes possible
Check a tutorial with MindsDB

Locate the text data source connectors you need

Centralize that unstructured and semi-structured data in any of the vector databases we support, so you can calculate text embeddings and structure that data.

Check our tutorials

Use Milvus and Airbyte for Similarity Search on All Your Data

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Learn how to leverage Milvus and Airbyte to embed smart similarity search functionality into your applications

Chat with your data using OpenAI, Pinecone, Airbyte and Langchain

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Learn how to build a connector development support bot for Slack that knows all your APIs, open feature requests and previous Slack conversations by heart

Measure Customer Support Sentiment Analysis with GPT, Airbyte and MindsDB

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Learn how to measure customer support sentiment analysis using GPT, Airbyte, and MindsDB. Set up sentiment analysis of Intercom chats, extract and analyze the data with GPT models, and visualize the results using Metabase.