database replication tool

Replicate high-volume databases in minutes with low latency.

We support the CDC methods your company needs

Log-based CDC

Our binary log reader asynchronously reads the transaction logs to identify any changes made to the database. This scalable method can handle large volumes of data and enables real-time CDC.
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Timestamp-based CDC

Changes are identified using a cursor, and only the changes made since the last sync are replicated.
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Stay in control of your data

Users can replicate their database through Airbyte’s own managed virtual private cloud, or through their own VPC by self-hosting Airbyte.

Case study
Consolidating data silos at Fnatic

Fnatic, based out of London, is the world's leading esports organization, with a winning legacy of 16 years and counting in over 28 different titles, generating over 13m USD in prize money. Fnatic has an engaged follower base of 14m across their social media platforms and hundreds of millions of people watch their teams compete in League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, Rainbow Six Siege, and many more titles every year.

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