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Immerse yourself in Airbyte's revolutionary low-code/no-code connector building technology, expand your expertise, and leave your mark on the open-source community.
Join the Airbyte Hackathon now! Claim an issue in our GitHub Projects, join our #hackathons Slack channel and stand a chance to win cash prizes.

About Airbyte's Hackathon

We are thrilled to announce the Airbyte Connectors Hackathon for August 2023! We’re embarking on an exciting journey to revolutionize data integration and we want you to be part of it. This hackathon presents a fantastic opportunity for developers across the globe to flex their skills and migrate connectors using our groundbreaking Low-Code/No-Code CDK.

By participating, you’ll have a chance to play a critical role in shaping the future of data integration and be recognized for your innovative contributions to the open-source community. Not to mention, you also stand a chance to win a part of our massive prize pool!

Prizes Galore!

For Most Connectors Migrated

First Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
5th Place

For Best Performing Video Tutorials

First Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
How to film a tutorial

For Most GitHub Upvotes on Technical Blog Post

First Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
How to write a blog post

Swag Credits for Each Approved Submission

You're not just getting the chance to win cash prizes! For every merged PR, you'll earn swag credits which can be redeemed at the Airbyte Swag Store
Bandana Collar
Coffee Mug
Create Destination Connector:
Earn 100 credits
Create Source Connector (connector builder)
Earn 50 credits
Does not count towards prize pool
Migrate to No-Code/Low-Code:
Earn 75 credits
Video Tutorial:
Earn 25 credits
Written Tutorial:
Earn 20 credits
Share on Twitter & LinkedIn:
Earn 5 credits
Your PR must be approved to be eligible for rewards
Completed your project? Submit it here.

Hackathon Guidelines

How to participate on the Connectors Hackathon?
  • Select an issue you want to work on from our pre-defined list
  • Comment on the connector you want to work on, so the Airbyte team can assign that issue to you
  • Check the low-code and no-code docs
  • Join our Slack to discuss and ask questions in #hackathons
Rules for the Connectors Hackathon
  • You can only work on one connector at a time
  • Make sure to resolve all suggestions from the Airbyte team
  • Must include all streams of the connector you're migrating. Otherwise, it will not be accepted.
  • If you don't commit anything within five days, the issue may be assigned to someone else.
How to participate on the Tutorials Hackathon?
  • Create an end-to-end tutorial of how you migrated a connector and how to use it.
  • Create a discussion. It must include a link to your tutorial and a short description.
  • Use this form to submit your tutorial; this ensures that our team will review your submission.
  • Must be in English
  • All content must be original
Rules for Video Tutorials
  • Must have a voice-over.
  • The video must be clear (not pixelated)
  • Must publish on your YouTube channel & contain the hashtag #AirbyteHackathon
  • If you don't commit anything within five days, the issue may be assigned to someone else.
Rules for Written Tutorials
  • Must contain a hero image
  • Must show how to use our Low-Code CDK or UI Connector Builder (intro, step-by-step guide, and conclusion)
  • Must be published and visible for anyone to read. We suggest using,, or medium.

Helpful Resources

Airbyte Documentation

Get familiar with our low-code CDK and no-code connector builder.

Airbyte GitHub Repository

Explore our GitHub Project and look at our existing issues

Airbyte Tutorial Videos

Watch our tutorial videos for a step-by-step guide on migrating connectors.

Frequently asked questions

What are the hackathon dates?
  • Aug 1, 2023:  Hackathon Begins
  • Aug 31, 2023 12 PM PST - PR Submission Deadline
  • Sep 18, 2023 Winners will be announced 
How are winners selected?

Winners are determined by the following

  • Connectors: Most merged PRs 
  • Videos Tutorials: Most views on YouTube 
  • Written Tutorials: Most upvotes on GitHub Discussions
What if I submit multiple videos or tutorials?

You’re more than welcome to submit multiple videos or tutorials! However, please note that we won’t be combining the views or upvotes from your various submissions. The winners will be determined by the individual videos or tutorials that garner the most views or upvotes, not the aggregate numbers from multiple entries. 

Which views will be considered for the hackathon?

To maintain fairness in the competition, we will only count the views generated from videos posted on your personal YouTube channel. 

Can two or more people team up to work on the same project?

Absolutely! Forming a team with friends to work on a project is allowed. However, only one person can submit the project. If your team ends up winning the prize, the prize will be awarded to the individual who submitted the project. 

How to film a video tutorial?

We recommend QuickTime Player on your Mac or Streamlabs for screen recording due to its quality output. Please avoid using Loom as it can produce pixelated videos. (Watch this video on how to use Streamlabs OBS).

How will winners be contacted?

Winners of the hackathon will be contacted via email. We will use the email address that you provided when submitting your project. Winners will also be announced in the Airbyte Newsletter, so make sure to sign up :).

How will the payouts be processed?

Payouts will be processed via PayPal.

Hackathon Best Practices

  • Assess the complexity of the connectors you want to migrate and plan accordingly.
  • Explain in your written tutorial or video why and how you used Airbyte
  • Feel free to create a comprehensive written tutorial on the connector you’re migrating. It’s better to provide a thorough explanation of your project.
  • Collaboration with other people can speed up the development process and improve the final product.
  • Don't hesitate to ask questions or share ideas in our Slack channel.
  • Make sure to test your work before submission.