The Airbyte CDK takes care of all repeated logic

Without CDK

  • Packaging + containerization
  • Setting up the release pipeline
  • Design pattern and code structure
  • Helpers for transforming data
  • Helpers for incremental syncs
  • Helpers for logging
  • Helpers for input validation
  • Testing connector for compliance
  • Address edge cases
  • Connector-specific code

With CDK

  • Address connector-specific edge cases
  • Connector-specific code

CDK automates all the non-specific code around connectors

Our Connector Development Kit ships with the following features:

  • A Python framework for writing source connectors
  • A generic implementation for rapidly developing connectors for HTTP APIs, databases, and any type of connectors
  • A test suite to run against all your connectors  
  • A code generator to bootstrap development and package your connector

In the end, the CDK enables you to build robust, full-featured connectors within 2 hours, whereas it was taking you 2 days before. And above all, you won’t have to maintain the new connector alone. Building it with the CDK makes it standardized to help the whole community maintain it.

What connector builders say!

“We built a Smartsheets python source connector using Airbyte's CDK. We were able to implement and deploy this connector very quickly thanks to help from Airbyte's team and the CDK's ease of use - the first of many!”

Nathan Nowack
Data Engineer at Slate

“I used the Airbyte CDK to write 2 connectors. The experience was amazing, the setup was pretty straightforward, with just a few simple additional steps and in almost no time I was able to develop a new connector and get it running.”

Murilo Nigris
Head of Data Analytics AMARO

Some connectors created with the CDK​