Free connector program

We’ve always put reliability first and want to make sure our community and users know so. With the Free Connector Program, Alpha and Beta connectors are free of charge.
Alpha connectors
Beta connectors

Alpha and Beta connectors, free.

Credit card required for enrollment.


When is the Free Connector Program starting? 

The Free Connector program is coming in January 2023! Sign-up for more information and exact timing.

How do I enroll in the Free Connector Program?

Sign up for an Airbyte Cloud account, set up your connectors, and add a payment method to your account. We won’t charge you for any Alpha or Beta connectors.

What happens if only one connector is in Alpha or Beta and the other connector is Generally Available (GA)?

The whole connection is free! If either the source or destination is in Alpha or Beta, then the whole connection is free of charge.

What happens when an Alpha or Beta connector becomes Generally Available?

We will send an email to all users two weeks in advance of a connector moving into GA. If both connectors in a connection are in GA, then Airbyte will start charging for that connection as usual.