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Contribute in multiple ways

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Complete feature requests, squash bugs, and improve connector performance.

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Get paid to mentor engineers and review code submitted through the program.

Program description


The Airbyte Maintainer Program is a collaboration with the community on important connector maintenance tasks. We aim to improve the quality of connectors by sponsoring various tasks around the features, usability, and reliability of our connectors. Through the development of this program, we aim to reward veteran and new members alike, supporting our best contributors and providing a path to contribution for beginners.

How it works

For the program, we have created issues for specific connectors that we want to improve. These issues contain a variety of tasks that members of the Maintainer Program can tackle based on their interests and experience.
Once the PRs are reviewed and merged, members will receive the bounties for the tasks listed on the issues. Once a member has been vetted by our team, they will receive direct commit access to the Airbyte repository, allowing them to directly clone and push to the repo when making changes. Additionally, they will receive special rewards as a trusted reviewer on pull requests in the program. For any other inquiries, the main guidelines for the program can be found here.

Why join the program?

Get paid

Get paid for content you write that we publish on our blog.

Direct commit access

Never worry about forking the repo again. Unlock direct commit access to the Airbyte repo.

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Contribute your unique knowledge to our global community of data engineers.

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