LangChain was founded in early 2023 to help developers build context-aware reasoning applications. Our popular open source framework gives developers the building blocks to create production-ready applications with LLMs. LangChain’s open standard benefits from the force of the community; it keeps pace with the cutting edge, so companies can too. With 100+ tool integrations, 60+ models supported, and easy adoption of the latest cognitive architectures, LangChain gives companies choice, flexibility, and a build-kit to move fast. To complement the LangChain library, we offer LangSmith and LangServe. LangSmith is as an all-in-one SaaS platform that enables the end-to-end, development workflow for building, testing, deploying, and monitoring LangChain and LLM-powered apps. LangServe adds hosting and deployment capabilities for LangChain-based apps, helping you ship to production faster.

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