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How KORTX streamlined customer data ingestion with Powered by Airbyte

Founder & CEO

Damon Henry

The Challenge

KORTX is a digital marketing and data strategy firm specializing in audience-centric solutions that drive business outcomes for brands and agencies. KORTX provides research, strategy, and best-in-class digital media, creative, and marketing analytics services to deliver personalized customer experiences for clients. They offer a custom reporting product for clients that is built on BigQuery and Looker. They are also launching a newly enhanced marketing platform, Kampus, in November of this year. Both of these offerings are Powered by Airbyte behind-the-scenes.

When KORTX started their product-building journey, there was a major pain identified. How to centralize all of their customer’s data into BigQuery, so it could be analyzed? Analysts and other team members needed to manually pull data out of ad platforms and provide reporting via spreadsheets. These workaround solutions stole time away from more meaningful tasks that the team could have been working on. In parallel, customers data was not up-to-date, which was making the customer experience worse. Fixing this problem would have required creating custom API connections to their BigQuery warehouse, consuming too much engineering time.

“Without Airbyte’s ease-of-use and library of API connectors, we would have either had to lean heavily on valuable engineering resources to build out custom connections to power our custom reporting dashboard solutions or continue with time-consuming manual reporting.” - Jeff Israel, Director of Analytics

The Solution

Powered by Airbyte enables teams to add hundreds of integrations to their product instantly. End-users can authenticate into their data sources and begin syncing data to any product, all on their own. This enables engineering teams to focus on what makes their product great, rather than maintaining integrations & ELT (extract, load, transform) pipelines.

KORTX became interested in Powered by Airbyte as it meant not needing to build a custom connector for each tool they wanted their products to integrate with. Instead they were able to delegate this to Airbyte’s technology. Leveraging Airbyte behind-the-scenes, KORTX customers are able to authenticate into their tools such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Marketing, Hubspot and more. Airbyte then extracts data from these tools and loads it into KORTX’s systems. This data is then leveraged within KORTX’s products.

Powered by Airbyte

The Results

KORTX saved significant engineering time by delegating connector needs to Airbyte. Powering their custom reporting product with Airbyte meant less time building and maintaining connectors and more time delivering core value to customers.

“In the dynamic and demanding world of digital media, it is essential to have a robust and reliable data pipeline platform. For KORTX, a company dedicated to delivering high-performance media programs to agencies and brands, meeting complex and demanding data requirements is a necessity. We pride ourselves on providing actionable insights and measurable outcomes to showcase the effectiveness of marketing and advertising programs.

Before discovering Airbyte, we often relied on in-house solutions or commercial ELT offerings to manage and analyze data. Although these methods were functional, they were far from optimal. Our solutions were brittle and unable to easily support custom integrations, a critical aspect given the tailored services we provide to our clients. The commercial ELT offerings were not flexible enough to adapt to our evolving and diverse data requirements.

Airbyte is a key accelerator for our data engineering needs. Airbyte’s flexibility and adaptability are unmatched. With Airbyte, our team of data engineers could easily develop new connectors or customize existing ones to meet our clients' needs. The platform’s resilience and reliability mean that we can now focus more on deriving insights and less on managing data pipelines. With Airbyte as our ally, KORTX is not just meeting but exceeding client expectations, ensuring that advertising campaigns are not just effective but are also backed by data that is as robust as it is reliable.” - Damon Henry, KORTX Founder and CEO. 

KORTX’s product in-action

What's Next

In November, KORTX will also be introducing its newly refined marketing platform, Kampus. Early customer feedback indicates this will be a game changer for customers centralizing all of their teams’ marketing data into a single platform. Kampus will seamlessly integrate with all major marketing platforms such as Facebook, Google Ads, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Linkedin and more. It combines a range of powerful features including custom reporting, in-depth rich media review for streamlined creative workflows, audience taxonomy, and segment insights - all within a user-friendly, cohesive platform. This comprehensive solution empowers marketers with efficiency, precision, and strategic decision-making capabilities, ultimately driving superior results. 

To learn more about how Powered by Airbyte can reduce your engineering burden, and accelerate time to market, visit the website or check out the docs!