Reduce time to value
with custom transformations

Get the data you need in the format you want, through automated normalization and custom transformations.

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Full control over the data streams to replicate

You select the data you want to replicate. Airbyte supports all API streams, even the ones incompatible with incremental.

Normalized schemas or serialized JSON

Explode all nested API objects into separate tables, or get a serialized JSON. Your choice.

Custom transformation via dbt or SQL

You can add any sequence of dbt transformations.

All the tools to address your architecture needs with the highest level of quality

Orchestration on your terms

Leverage Airbyte’s own schedulers, or leverage Airflow or Kubernetes for the orchestration.

Real time monitoring

We log all errors in full detail to help you understand.

Notification for failed syncs

You can set up a webhook to get notified when a sync fails.

Debugging autonomy

Modify and debug pipelines as you see fit, without waiting.

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