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Our vision

Every company is a data company

In the last few years, every industry has undergone a digital transformation, and every company is now accumulating more and more data through their different software. Companies that best use their data to create competitive advantage will win.


the more data, the harder it is to manage...

Data portability

The number of places where your data lies grows with the size of your company.

Moving it around and consolidating it becomes more and more difficult.

  • Integration pipelines become commodities within your infra with Airbyte.

Data accuracy

The more decisions are based on data, the more accurate this data needs to be.

This means you cannot afford to work with missing or invalid data.

  • Airbyte gives you access to all your data and ensures its quality.

Data security​

Companies are more conscious about their responsibilities towards their users’ data. But they don’t have the expertise to keep it secure, and leaks happen.

  • Data security is not just something Airbyte does, it's how we built it.

At Airbyte,
we want to change this​

Airbyte wants to give your infrastructure superpowers to collect and move data seamlessly, whatever the tools you use. All by anticipating the changes to come and respecting your users’ rights for data security.

Meet the team​

We have been building data integration pipelines for the past 100+ years accumulated, processing more than 1PB of data every day through more than 1,000 connectors.

We know how painful it is to manage data, and we also know how to scale it.

Adam Knobel
Head of Sales
Akash Kulkarni
Senior Software Engineer, Databases
Alex Birdsall
Senior Software Engineer, Frontend
Alex Gronemeyer
Senior Data Engineer/Analytics Engineer
Alexander (Alex) Marquardt
Data Engineer/ Technical writer
Alexandre Girard
Senior Software Engineer
Alyssa Hatch
Senior Product Analyst
Amalia Advincula-Roye
Technical Support
Amruta Ranade
Staff Technical Writer, Developer Docs
Amy Ireson
Executive Assistant
Andy Jih
Senior Product Manager
Andy Yeo
Senior Product Manager
Angel Perez
Software Engineer, Infrastructure
Anita Sandoval
Director of People Ops
Anne Willborn
Senior Software Engineer
Ari Bajo Rouvinen
Content Strategist
Augustin Lafanechère
Software Engineer
Benoit Moriceau
Senior Software Engineer
Brian Cannon
Lead Technical Recruiter
Brian James Lai
Senior Software Engineer, Connectors
Brian Leonard
Engineering Director
Bridget McGillivray
Chief of Staff
Bryce Groff
Engineering Manager, API
Catherine Noll
Software Engineer, Connector Extensibility
Charles Giardina
Director of Engineering
Chris Conrad
VP Engineering
Chris Duong
Lead Software Engineer
Chris Rose
Head of Events
Chris Sean
Developer Advocate
Chris Tatarowicz
Head of Business Development
Cole Snodgrass
Staff Software Engineer, Platform
Colleen Krowl
Growth Account Executive
Conor Barber
Senior Software Engineer, Infrastructure
Davin Chia
Lead Software Engineer
Edmundo Ruiz Ghanem
Senior Software Engineer, Frontend
Edward Farraye
Head of Demand Generation
Edward Gao
Senior Software Engineer
Elizabeth Sallee
Senior Recruiting Coordinator
Ella Rohm-Ensing
Software Engineer, Connector Operations
Erica Struthers
Head of Technical Support
Ericksson Abad
Assistant Controller
Evan Tahler
Staff Engineer Connectors
Gil Cho
Director of IT
Grace Stern
Growth Support Executive
Greg Solovyev
Engineering Manager
Ilana Enoukov
Cloud Growth Marketing Manager
Jerri Comeau
Head of User Support Engineering, OSS
Jimmy Ma
Senior Software Engineer
Joan Rojas Lombarte
Biz Ops Manager
Joey Marshment-Howell
Senior Software Engineer, Frontend
John Lafleur
Co-founder & COO
John Wasserman
Solutions Engineer
Jonathan Pearlin
Staff Software Engineer
Juan Romero
Technical Support
Justin Chau
Developer Advocate
Karen Bajza-Terlouw
Developer Community Lead
Kelsey Parker
Senior Recruiter, GTM
Krishna Glick
Senior Software Engineer
Kylee Soper
Techical Support
Lake Mossman
Senior Software Engineer
Laylee Asgari
San Francisco/Remote Workplace Manager
Leti Escanciano Mediavilla
Growth Engineer
Malik Diarra
Engineering Manager
Manny Leyva
IT / Helpdesk Support
Marcos Marx
User Success Engineer
Maxime Carbonneau-Leclerc
Software Engineer, Connector Extensibility
Michael Siega
Senior Software Engineer, Platform
Michel Tricot
Co-founder & CEO
Natalie Kwong
Growth Product Manager
Nataly Merezhuk
User Support Engineering, Open-Source
Nicolas Philippot
UX/UI Designer
Otto Yeung
Head of Finance
Oğuz Özgül
Marketing Operations
Parker Mossman
Senior Software Engineer
Patsy Bailin
Head of Data Policy
Pedro Lopez
Software Engineer
Peter Hu
Senior Software Engineer
Raven Winchester
Sales Development Representative
Riley Brook
Senior Product Manager, API
Rodi Reich-Zilberman
Senior Software Engineer, Data Warehouses
Ronald Miguel
Senior Technical Recruiter
Ross Sharp
Solutions Engineer
Ryan Bernstein
Solutions Engineer
Ryan Fu
Senior Software Engineer, Connectors
Sajarin Dider
User Support Engineering, Open-Source
Salima Fassil
Engineering Manager
Shawn Wang
Head of Developer Relations
Shrif Nada
Lead Software Engineer
Simon Späti
Data engineer/technical writer
Sophia Wiley
Technical Writer
Subodh Chaturvedi
Senior Software Engineer
Sunny Hashmi
Community Assistance Engineer
Talia Moyal
Head of Product Marketing
Teal Larson
Software Engineer
Terence Cho
Senior Software Engineer
Thalia Barrera
Data Engineer & Technical Writer
Tim Chan
Senior Data Engineer/Analytics Engineer
Tim Roes
Senior Software Engineer
Topher Lubaway
Senior Software Engineer
Tucker Barker
Senior Technical Recruiter

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