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Airbyte Cloud is now available in Europe

Talia Moyal
November 9, 2022
1 min read

Today – Airbyte’s visa was approved! With a new in-region hosting option, GDPR compliant data processing and ISO 27001 certification, we’re excited to announce that Airbyte Cloud is now available in Europe!

This past year, Airbyte more than tripled our employee count, doubled our customer base, became a unicorn after a $150M funding round, and is continuing to see exponential growth. As we reflected on this journey, as well as the growing number of SaaS companies based in Europe and our growing number of Airbyte Open Source users in Europe, we decided it was time to make our hosted data movement platform available in more regions than North America. 

Airbyte Cloud is the most extensible and reliable way to address data movement needs. It’s an ELT platform that takes ten minutes to get started with and provides access to hundreds of out-of-the-box data connectors. 

It’s extensible – soon to provide support for custom connectors at parity with Airbyte Open Source, meaning users will be able to build brand new connectors or edit existing ones, no matter the use case. 

It’s efficient – all you need is the right credentials for your various sources and destinations, configure your sync settings, and choose where you want your data to be processed. 

And it’s trustworthy. As a data infrastructure company that is rooted in open source, data protection and reliability have always been at the forefront of everything we do. Expanding to Europe means we are GDPR-ready, in addition to having received our SOC 2 Type II compliance report and ISO 27001 certification, and we will continue to ensure Airbyte stays up-to-date on all European data protection regulations. 

Expansion to Europe also means users no longer have to self-host in order to keep customer data within Europe. Users have two deployment options: hosted by Airbyte, leveraging our data plane and control planes, or bring your own cloud (BYOC), leveraging your own infrastructure (data plane) and Airbyte’s control plane. Hosted by Airbyte ensures getting started with your data pipelines is entirely effortless. BYOC maximizes control and security, while still offloading most operational burdens. 

Join the 25K+ companies that are already using Airbyte Open Source and get started with Airbyte Cloud for 14-days free.

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