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Airbyte November Update


Our direction is now focused around connector reliability; we want every Airbyte sync to be a world-class user experience. Because of this, November has been a month of stability and reliability improvements.

We have implemented multiple data type fixes across many database connectors, refactored destination databases to use byte-based buffering to increase resilience to wide rows, and have made massive improvements to our source acceptance tests, ensuring that our data source connectors are firing on all cylinders.

Airbyte Hacktoberfest

Our Hacktoberfest event was a resounding success. We had 42 connectors contributed to open source by participants, who joined from all over the world to help address the long tail of integrations. All Hacktober connectors are available for anyone to use from our DockerHub as we slowly integrate them into our default Airbyte shipment with rigorous QA.

Tuan Nguyen, the October Airbyte Community MVP, contributed more than anyone else, with a grand total of 6 connectors! 

Overall, because of the community,  we now have support for the following data sources/destinations:

  • Destination: Redis
  • Destination: ScyllaDB
  • Destination: Elasticsearch
  • Source: Airtable
  • Source: Notion 
  • Source: Sentry
  • and more...


This past month, we have been focusing a lot of our efforts on hiring. We have brought on a Head of Technical Support, Head of Demand Gen, and a senior product manager. As usual, we’re continuing to hire for many positions including:

  • Engineering Manager (Airbyte Cloud/Platform)
  • Head of User Support Engineering
  • Head of Community
  • Senior Software Engineers
  • Solutions Engineers
  • Product Managers
  • and more

New Recipes

Community Content


We’re continuing our massive community growth and have gained about 400 new members in our community Slack over the past month, placing us at about 4100 members currently.


Most notably, we have over 40 new PR contributors this month, bringing our unique contributor count to 201. We are up to 4.7k stars, from 4.4k last month, continuing our solid growth! 

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