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Announcing Airbyte’s tentaculous Hacktoberfest 2023 edition!

John Lafleur
October 1, 2023
2 min read

Here's your chance to make a difference! 🎉 Airbyte's Hacktoberfest is not just a competition; it's a platform to sculpt the future of data integration, celebrate creativity, and contribute to the open-source movement.

🚀 Why Participate?

  1. Open-Source Contribution: Be a beacon in the open-source community by contributing to real-world projects.
  2. Skill Enhancement: Utilize Airbyte's cutting-edge low-code/no-code CDK's to expand your expertise.
  3. Global Collaboration: Network and collaborate with a diverse pool of talented individuals.
  4. Prizes & Recognition: From cash prizes up to $9,000 to redeemable swag credits, recognition awaits.
  5. Innovation & Creativity: Push your creative boundaries and bring innovation to life.

🎁 What’s in Store?

  • Most Connectors Improvements: Up to $4,000
  • Most GitHub Upvotes on Written Quickstarts: Up to $3,000
  • Swag Credits: Redeem for hats, shirts, and more!

🎨 How to Jump In?

  1. Connectors Improvements: Choose a connector from our GitHub Project and check out our docs.
  2. Written Quickstarts: Choose a quickstart from our GitHub Project and check our existing ones for inspiration. 

🗓 Mark These Dates

  • Kick-Off: Oct 1, 2023
  • Deadline: Nov 1, 2023, 12 AM PST
  • Victory Day: Nov 20, 2023

🌐 Be Part of Something Bigger

This hackathon transcends prizes and competitions. It’s about learning, growing, connecting, and being part of the open-source ecosystem that drives change. A lot of the connector improvements are about migrating connectors to low-code / no-code. This makes all those connectors more easily maintainable, customizable, and easier to improve, (as any improvement to the no-code connector builder will improve all the no-code/low-code connectors). What great leverage!

🎉 Your Next Step Awaits

You're on the brink of something extraordinary! Feel the excitement, envision the innovation, and grasp the opportunity to be part of a global movement.

👉 Explore the full details at our hackathon and join us in redefining data integration.

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