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Discover the Future of Data Engineering at move(data) 2023

Thalia Barrera
October 26, 2023
5 min read

Exciting news for data enthusiasts around the globe! Airbyte is thrilled to announce the return of our annual conference, move(data), happening on December 6th and 7th, 2023. 

Known as "the data practitioner conference," this event is a celebration of the hard work, innovation, and dedication of data engineers and practitioners worldwide. Whether you attended last year or are considering joining us for the first time, move(data) 2023 promises to be an invaluable experience for anyone in the data field.

Celebrating Innovation and Dedication

Hosted and organized by Airbyte, a leading player in the data movement sphere, move(data) provides a platform for professionals to connect, learn, and share insights. With over 40 featured speakers and around 8 hours of lightning talks, the conference offers a rich assortment of content catered to a diverse audience.

In 2022, move(data) attracted more than 3,000 attendees, and we anticipate an even larger turnout this year. The conference takes place online, ensuring accessibility for data practitioners across the globe. And the best part? Attendance is completely free!

Why Attend?

1. Discover the Latest Tools: Stay ahead of the curve by learning about cutting-edge data movement technologies and methodologies.

2. Network with Fellow Data Engineers: Connect with peers, share experiences, and build valuable relationships within the data community.

3. Enhance Your Knowledge: Gain insights from industry leaders and enhance your understanding of data engineering practices.

Featured Speakers

This year’s line-up includes a stellar array of industry experts ready to share their knowledge and experiences:

  • Michel Tricot, Co-founder and CEO at Airbyte
  • Mehdi Ouazza, Developer Advocate at MotherDuck
  • Jai Balani, Senior Data Engineer at Netflix
  • Anna Geller, Product Lead at
  • Alex Merced, Developer Advocate at Dremio
  • Hubert Dulay, Developer Advocate at StarTree
  • Anchit Agarwal, Software Engineer at Zillow
  • Ken Wong, Sr. Director, Product Management at Databricks
  • Chase Zieman, Chief Data Officer and Co-founder at

… and many more to be announced soon. Keep checking the speakers page for the full list! 

A Glimpse into Cutting-Edge Insights and Innovations

This year, move(data) is all about bridging gaps, breaking barriers, and exploring the untapped potential of data. 

Imagine understanding the intricate dance between operational and analytical data, and how bringing them together in real-time can transform your decision-making process. We’ve got sessions that will take you on a deep dive into the streaming world, showing you how real-time and historical data can coalesce to create a more vibrant, insightful view of your operations.

Ever wondered how the principles of software engineering can revolutionize data engineering? We’re bringing discussions right to the table, dissecting patterns and practices that can transform the way you handle data from development to production.

In a world where data is king, ensuring its quality and reliability is paramount. That's why we’re delving into the concept of data contracts, uncovering how they can create a robust framework for data quality and foster a collaborative environment for both data producers and consumers.

And let's not forget the exciting realm of ‘Data as Code’. With new tools and platforms on the rise, we're exploring how these innovations are changing the game, making multi-table transactions and data management smoother and more efficient than ever before.

For those intrigued by the buzz around Large Language Models and their connection to data engineering, we're cutting through the hype. Discover how these models rely on the meticulous work of data engineers and learn how you can blend your data engineering expertise with the latest trends in AI.

How to Register

Ready to be part of this incredible event? Register now to secure your spot! Don’t miss this opportunity to join the global community of data practitioners and help shape the future of data engineering.

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