Roadmap Editorial: what we're building in Q3

Publicly sharing our roadmap is just one example of Airbyte's love for transparency. Keep reading to see what's on deck for Q3.


  • Our roadmap is reviewed weekly to ensure each item is up-to-date.
  • Our roadmap is interactive! Leave us a 🙂, 😐, or 🙁 so that we know what to double-down on!
  • We often have Early Access programs for new features. If there’s something you’re particularly excited about, shoot us a note at to ask for participation details.
  • Something missing? We want to hear about it! Make a feature request by adding a Github issue or emailing us.

What's coming: Q3 roadmap

Connectors! Connectors! Read all about ‘em! 

Since our inception, the data engineering community has helped level up our connector game and contribute to building out a long-tail of connectors for our OSS product. With Airbyte Cloud leaving beta in April, it’s time to expand the number of Generally Available Connectors across both our offerings. Our favorites are all things database: Postgres, msSQL, mySQL will all be moving into General Availability by the end of Q3. 

Auto-detect schema changes

Tables and columns are being added, removed, updated and deleted all the time. Soon, we’ll automatically refresh the source schema and update connection settings based on those schema changes. This means you won’t need to manually update your Airbyte connection settings when your source schemas have changed.

Welcome to enterprise

As we continue to build out Airbyte Cloud, we’ll invest in all things enterprise. We’ll be releasing a closed Alpha of our Public API ( if you’re interested in participating) soon. Our Public API will give users programmatic access to Airbyte Cloud and all the possibilities that come with it, including Powered by Airbyte, a way to whitelabel our platform and connectors for your organization. We’ll also be starting work on enabling Multi-cloud access, starting with AWS. 

We’re proud to announce we received a clean SOC2 Type II report from an independent auditor. This is exciting for a company of our size, but it’s also just the first milestone on our data protection roadmap. Next up is our ISO 27001 certification and GDPR best practices to ensure we're adapting business operations and product features to meet the requirements of those working with or moving data within Europe.

Like I said, drop us a note on what’s missing. Until next time!

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