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The Drip | January 2023 Airbyte Product Updates

Justin Chau
February 1, 2023

Hey everyone, welcome to the January edition of the Drip where we take you downstream to cover highlights of our change-log, community and anything Airbyte related.

Build Connectors with ONLY UI!

At Airbyte, we are dedicated to making data integration easier for everyone. That's why we've built the Airbyte Connector Builder UI, a tool designed to simplify the process of creating and maintaining data connectors.

Based on our low-code CDK, the Connector Builder UI offers a visual interface for creating and configuring connectors without the need for complex coding. The user-friendly interface provides all the tools you need to build and manage connectors, including intuitive drag-and-drop functionality and real-time feedback to ensure that your connectors are configured correctly.

With the Connector Builder UI, you can easily create connectors for a wide range of data sources, including databases, APIs, and more. The visual interface guides you through each step of the process, from defining the connection and authentication details to defining the data transformations and mapping.

It's worth noting that the Connector Builder UI is still in alpha, so there may be bugs and other issues to work through as we continue to develop and refine the tool. However, we're confident that it represents a major step forward in making connector development easier and more accessible for everyone, regardless of their technical expertise.

If you're interested in giving the Connector Builder UI a try, check out our documentation to learn more about how to get started. We're always looking for feedback and suggestions, so feel free to reach out to us with any thoughts or questions.

Free Alpha and Beta Connectors in Airbyte Cloud

We're excited to announce the launch of our Free Connector Program, a new initiative that provides users of our cloud platform with free access to our alpha and beta connectors.

We believe that by making them free, we’re able to improve these connectors by having more people use them. The more feedback we get, the more reliable these connectors become.

To get access to the free connector program, simply sign up for an Airbyte Cloud account and start exploring the platform. Once you've set up your account, you'll have access to all of our alpha and beta connectors, free of charge.

Wrap Up

And that’s all we have for January’s edition of The Drip. Thanks for reading through. If you have any questions:

  • Please join our Slack community to talk to us on the Airbyte team as well as other fantastic folks in the community!
  • Also sign up for our Newsletter to keep up with the state of the art in Data Integration and the broader Data Engineering Ecosystem!


✨ New and improved features

  • New Sources and Promotions
  • New Source: Commcare (#20220)
  • 🎉 New Destination: Weaviate (#20094)
  • 🎉 Source Airtable: update releaseStage to beta(#20935)
  • New Features for Existing Connectors
  • 🪟🎉 Connector form: Use proper validation in array section (#20725)
  • Destination Redshift: Introduces configurable value for file buffer count (#20879)
  • 🎉 Source bigcommerce: add brands and categories streams (#20518)
  • 🎉 Destination Local CSV: add custom delimiter (#17998)
  • 🎉 Source Airtable: migrate to the Metadata API for dynamic schema generation (#20846)
  • 🎉 Source Gitlab: add OAuth2.0 authentication support (#7506)
  • 🎉 Source Shopify: unblock for all workspaces (#21439)
  • 🎉 Source Amazon Ads: add option to customize look back window value (#19491)
  • 🎉 Source Github: IssueReactions - re-implemented using GraphQL (#21457)
  • 🎉 Source Airtable: implement OAuth (#20934)
  • New Features in Airbyte Core
  • Connector Builder
  • 🪟🧹 Connector builder: Fast fields performance improvements (#20957)
  • 🪟🔧 Connector builder: Performance improvements (#20620)
  • 🪟🎉 Connector builder: Substream slicer and cartesian slicer (#20861)
  • 🪟🎉 Connector builder: Add manual schema (#20862)
  • 🪟🎉 Connector builder UI: User inputs, request options, authentication, pagination, slicing (#20809)
  • [Connector Builder]Add ability to convert from YAML manifest to UI (#21142)
  • 🎉 🪟 [Connector Builder] Resolve manifest before converting to builder form values (#21898)
  • 🪟 🎉 Display "Credits" in sidebar and add info when user is running out of credits (#20595)
  • Run Airbyte CI on pull_request (#21266)

🚨 Security & Breaking changes

  • 🚨 Destination Snowflake: checkpointing flush/commit and emit STATE message 🚨 (#20631)

🐛 Bug fixes

  • 🪟 🐛 🎨 Fix stream table icon checkboxes and icons (#21108)
  • 🐛Source Looker: Fix schema transformation issue (#20182)
  • 🐛Source Freshdesk: Fix schema types (#20416)
  • 🐛 Fix non-breaking schema changes preference issues (#20625)
  • 🐛 Source Netsuite: fix early adopter issues (#19798)
  • 🐛 Source Jira: check_connectionfails if no projects are defined (#20739)
  • 🐛Destination-Bigquery: Added an explicit error message if sync fails due to a config issue (#21144)
  • 🐛 Source Shopify: add discount applications to orders stream (#21461)
  • 🐛 Source Insightly: Fix state date conversion bug (#19356)
  • 🐛Source Amazon Seller Partner: Implement slicing for report streams (#16430)
  • 🐛Source Titktok Marketing: Fix schema types (#20415)
  • 🐛Destination-Snowflake: Added "Table/Stage already exists, but no permissions" handler on Sync action (#21912)
  • 🐛 Source Airtable: cast native Airtable Types to JSONSchema Types (#21962)
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