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Today’s a big day for the Airbyte team! It's day 1 of the very first conference solely curated for the data practitioner. Michel, Airbyte co-founder and CEO, kicked us off with a few announcements during his keynote that I’d like to double-click on. But before we jump in, let’s take a moment to review 2022. 

In the meantime, join our conference to watch the many exciting talks about data movement over the next two days!

The biggest data engineering community 

While Airbyte saw massive growth in the short two years since inception, 2022 has been instrumental in helping us get closer to our goal of making data available and actionable to everyone, everywhere. 

Let’s look at the numbers.  

We reached 600+ code contributors. 
2,500+ daily active users.
300+ connectors.
Finally, close to 1 PB of data synced.

So what's coming?

Announcing the Free Connector Program

Yes, free. You read that right.

We’ve always been proud of the reliability of our Generally Available connectors. And we want to keep that same standard of reliability across anything our community is paying for. Because of this, we’re excited to announce the Free Connector Program.

We have 600+ code contributors to the Airbyte platform. This community is what will ultimately help us reach our mission while pushing us to keep reliability standards high.

Starting in January, all Alpha / Beta connectors will be free of charge with our Airbyte Cloud product offering. 

How do I enroll in the Free Connector Program? Sign up for an Airbyte Cloud account, set up your connectors, and add a payment method to your account. We won’t charge you for any Alpha or Beta connectors. 

What happens if only one connector is in Alpha or Beta and the other connector is Generally Available (GA)? The whole connection is free! If either the source or destination is in Alpha or Beta, then the whole connection is free of charge. 

What happens when an Alpha or Beta connector becomes Generally Available? We will send an email to all users two weeks in advance of a connector moving into GA. If both connectors in a connection are in GA, then Airbyte will start charging for that connection as usual.

Learn more here. 

Custom connectors in 10 minutes

Building connectors for any use case is core to the value that Airbyte provides to its users. And building connectors for whatever use case – in under 30 minutesis how we plan to address the biggest gap in the data industry today; the availability of long-tail connectors. 

We hosted Hacktoberfest in October, where our community used the beta low-code CDK to build 100+ connectors in just 30 days
Coming in Q1, there will be two ways in which users will be able to build connectors: 

  1. Connector builder: under 10 minutes to create a connector
  2. Low-code CDK: under 30 minutes to create a connector

Sign up for early access to learn more about these offerings. 

Bring your own infrastructure

We recently launched Airbyte in Europe. Part of the work required to have GDPR-compliant data processing by separating Airbyte’s control plane and data plane. With this split, companies that cannot have their data processed through a third-party application, whether that’s PII, financial, or health data, will be able to run Airbyte’s data plane in their virtual private cloud. The control plane will continue to be hosted by Airbyte for tasks like configuration management and scheduling. 

This split enables maximum security and compliance, without the overhead of self-hosting the entire Airbyte solution. It is a significant step towards enabling companies to move data from any source to any destination. 

Sign-up for Early Access

And that’s a wrap! 2022 has been a big year for Airbyte, and 2023 has so much more coming. Our north star is and will remain to build a reliable and ubiquitous data movement platform. We want to empower data-driven companies with an extensible solution that allows them to access any data, in any silo, any infrastructure, any geography, taking into consideration data protection regulations and reliability. 

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