Deliver integrations on your platform in days, not months

Stop investing months of engineering time building
integrations for your product. Leverage Airbyte’s
connectors through its API, and empower your customers.

“Powered by Airbyte” lets you ship integrations on your platform, without hassle

Airbyte ensures your data is up to date across your data stack, whatever your custom connector needs.

Integrate “Powered by Airbyte”
to get 300+ integrations at once

Stop building and maintaining your platform’s integrations in-house. Build competitive edge with only one integration. Your company will thank you.

Programmatic control to manage all your customers’ data

With Airbyte’s API, developers can programmatically perform user and connector management activities. Add new connectors, manage Airbyte users and permissions, and more across all your customers.

Get 300+ integrations by building only one

Access a huge, ever-growing library of SaaS connectors to streamline every integration, by supporting only Airbyte’s API.

Connectors run in Docker containers so you can use the language of your choice.

How does “Powered by Airbyte” work?

Airbyte enables your customers to authenticate a connection between their data sources and Airbyte directly. Customers give you access to their data safely, right from the context of your app or portal.

Don't trust our word, trust theirs!

“I was blown away by how easy it was to get started with Airbyte. My developers are not proficient about data systems but were able to adapt a Singer tap for a missing integration in 25 mins. Because Airbyte is so simple to use, I was able to avoid a planned data engineer hire.​”

Jins Kadwood
CTO at Agridigital

“Using Airbyte makes extracting data from various sources super easy! I don't have to spend a lot of time maintaining difficult data pipelines. Instead, I can now use that time to generate meaningful insights from data. Also, with the great support of the Airbyte developers, I was able to create a new source connector in a couple of hours.​”

Thomas van Latum
Data Engineer & Cloud Architect at g-company

“Your software is freaking great. I'm using it to sync signed up users, segment form traces, api usage logs from Google Sheets, RDS, and Redshift into a centralized Redshift DB. Absolutely thrilled. This lets our marketing and BD guys make dashboards in Metabase across all our data sources without having to get someone to also push the data to this warehouse.​”

Roshan George
Engineer at Safegraph

“Airbyte is a very promising solution for the single point of data integration. We continuously migrate our connectors from our existing solution to Airbyte as they became available on Airbyte, and look forward to the release of Airbyte Cloud!”

Apostol Tegko
Engineer at Fnatic

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