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Airbyte is the leading open-source data integration platform.

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Airbyte is the modern open-source ELT standard that replicates data from the long tail of APIs, databases & files to data warehouses, lakes and other destinations. Airbyte Cloud disrupts the ELT market with its transparent compute-based pricing and open-source extensibility.


Airbyte is the new open-source data integration platform that syncs data from APIs, databases & files to data warehouses, lakes and other destinations. In addition to covering the long tail of connectors with the involvement of its community, Airbyte differentiates itself with its transparent and predictable compute-based pricing. Airbyte addresses all connector needs through its open-source extensibility. Its ambition is to make data integrations a commodity.

Airbyte was co-founded by Michel Tricot (ex-director of engineering and head of integrations at Liveramp and RideOS) and John Lafleur (serial entrepreneur on dev tools & B2B).

Origin Story

Michel has been in data engineering for 11 years. Before Airbyte, he was the head of integrations at Liveramp, where his team built and scaled over 1,000 data ingestion connectors to replicate 100TB worth of data every day.

John, on the other end, had already built 3 startups with 2 exits. In his last startup, his team spent almost a year building ETL pipelines for an engineering management platform.

By late 2019, they had known each other for 7 years, and always wanted to work together. When John’s 3rd startup shut down, it was finally the right timing for both of them. And they knew which problem we wanted to address: data integration, and ELT more specifically.

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"Open Source Data Integration Company Closes $26 Million Series A Funding Round"

"Airbyte Adds Kit to Simplify Building Connectors for Data Integration"

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"Airbyte Creates Connector Development Kit to Enable the Smooth Movement of Data"

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"Airbyte raises $5.2M for its open-source data integration platform"

"ETL company Airbyte raises $5.2M to integrate open source data"

Fortune, Anne Sraders - Term Sheet: March 2, 2021

"Airbyte is the new open-source data pipeline platform"

I was blown away by how easy it was to get started with Airbyte. My developers are not proficient about data systems but were able to adapt a Singer tap for a missing integration in 25 mins. Because Airbyte is so simple to use, I was able to avoid a planned data engineer hire.​

Jins Kadwood
CTO at Agridigital​

Your software is freaking great. I'm using it to sync signed up users, segment form traces, api usage logs from Google Sheets, RDS, and Redshift into a centralized Redshift DB. Absolutely thrilled. This lets our marketing and BD guys make dashboards in Metabase across all our data sources without having to get someone to also push the data to this warehouse.

Roshan George
Software Engineer at Safegraph

Airbyte has cut months of man hours off of our ELT pipeline development and delivered usable data to us in hours instead of weeks. We are excited for the future of Airbyte, enthusiastic about their approach, and optimistic about our future together.

Micah Mangione
Director of Technology at

Using Airbyte makes extracting data from various sources super easy! I don't have to spend a lot of time maintaining difficult data pipelines. Instead, I can now use that time to generate meaningful insights from data. Also, with the great support of the Airbyte developers, I was able to create a new source connector in a couple of hours.​

Thomas Van Latum
Data Engineer & Cloud Architect at g-company

The cool thing with Airbyte is that there is this neutrality. With Airbyte there’s a push to do things outside of the warehouse. Fivetran and Stitch have a warehouse centric mentality.

Vivek Ayer
Data Infrastructure at Skupos Inc.

Airbyte is a very promising solution for the single point of data integration. We continuously migrate our connectors from our existing solution to Airbyte as they became available on Airbyte, and look forward to the release of Airbyte Cloud!

Apostol Tegko
Data Analyst at Fnatic

Airbyte does a lot of things really well. We just had to set it up, and it just ran from there. Even moving 40GB worth of data works just fine without needing to worry about sizing up.

Jason Reslock
Principal Infrastructure Engineer at OM1, Inc.

We built a Smartsheets python source connector using Airbyte's CDK. We were able to implement and deploy this connector very quickly thanks to help from Airbyte's team and the CDK's ease of use - the first of many!

Nathan Nowack
Data Engineer at Slate

I used the Airbyte CDK to write 2 connectors. The experience was amazing, the setup was pretty straightforward, with just a few simple additional steps and in almost no time I was able to develop a new connector and get it running.

Murilo Nigris
Head of Data Analytics at AMARO