Introduction to Airbyte Self-Managed Enterprise

April 25th | 10:00 AM PT | 1:00 PM ET | 7:00 PM CET

Join us to see how you can roll out Airbyte across your entire data team. We have focused on operational readiness at scale. We will demonstrate how you can now deploy SSO, RBAC, and multiple workspaces in your Airbyte workspace.

Lastly, we will show that using the Airbyte API or our Terraform Provider to manage your Airbyte deployment is easier than ever. In Self-Managed Enterprise, application keys can be created and revoked all in one place, and are now tied to the associated user’s role.
This webinar will cover:
User Management
Role-based Access Control
Multiple Workspaces
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Coming Soon
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Meet some of our customers

Jins Kadwood
CTO at AgriDigital

“I was blown away by how easy it was to get started with Airbyte. We were able to adapt a Singer tap for a missing integration in 25 mins. Because Airbyte is so simple to use, I was able to avoid a planned data engineer hire.​”

Thomas Van Latum
Data Engineer & Cloud Architect at g-company

“Using Airbyte makes extracting data from various sources super easy! I don't have to spend a lot of time maintaining difficult data pipelines. Instead, I can now use that time to generate meaningful insights from data. Also, with the great support of the Airbyte developers, I was able to create a new source connector in a couple of hours.​”

Nathan Nowack headshot
Nathan Nowack
Data Engineer at Slate

"We built a Smartsheets python source connector using Airbyte's CDK. We were able to implement and deploy this connector very quickly thanks to help from Airbyte's team and the CDK's ease of use - the first of many!"

Vivek Ayer
Data Infrastructure at Skupos Inc.

"The cool thing with Airbyte is that there is this neutrality. With Airbyte there’s a push to do things outside of the warehouse. Fivetran and Stitch have a warehouse centric mentality."

Micah Mangione
Director of Technology at

"Airbyte has cut months of man hours off of our ELT pipeline development and delivered usable data to us in hours instead of weeks. We are excited for the future of Airbyte, enthusiastic about their approach, and optimistic about our future together."