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Enhanced Data Processing for Vive Tech with Airbyte


Juan Sánchez

About Juan Sebastián Rey Sánchez

Juan Sebastián Rey Sánchez is the CTO of Vive Tech, and his team works to discover the best cost-effective ways to enhance data processing systems. His deep passion for technology led him to establish Disruption Labs and several other companies before leading Vive Tech in 2020.

We spoke to Juan Sebastian Rey Sanchez to learn the inside scoop on how his team accelerates data integration and processing. He recognizes the lack of ETL tools connected with software like Stripe, Google Sheets, Hubspot, and more. He discusses how searching for a solution led his team to discover Airbyte.

About ViveTech

Vive Tech offers turnkey solutions for small and medium-sized businesses that want to run their transactional websites independently. Over the years, we have accumulated a large amount of client data stored in various sources like HubSpot, Stripe, Google Sheets, and more. Unfortunately, data extraction and processing options in the market are limited, so we were on a mission to find the best tool to enable efficient data mining. With the motivation of connecting data to Google BigQuery, we discovered Airbyte and its fast data processing capabilities.

What was the problem?

With an ever-growing customer base, we needed a way to mine, process, and store data from sources. We lacked time to build custom connectors for each data source with many clients. We needed an efficient way to consolidate all sources of information and connect to Google BigQuery.

"As we grew, it became apparent that we needed to find a tool that allowed us to extract information in a short time without having to develop APIs for different services. The process of developing connectors for the different data sources from scratch is incredibly time-consuming and counter-productive for our team."

How did we discover Airbyte?

We needed an ETL tool that would allow for fast data extraction and processing and compatible with platforms like Google Sheets. In our search for an easy-to-use, affordable option, Airbyte stood out to my team and me. Its open-source model allowed us to build and develop our use cases without incurring additional costs. Furthermore, Airbyte's flexible connectors are compatible with Google Sheets, which is critical to our data processing logistics.

"We have a lot of information, almost like a whole universe of different sheets. So, when we were able to obtain this streamlined single repository of information and connect different data sources seamlessly, Airbyte became a winner for us."

How was the problem solved?

Streamlining the set-up and onboarding process

In addition to easy setup and deployment, both locally and publicly, Airbyte's tools are also compatible with the Google Cloud Platform.

"Airbyte has extensive documentation to help facilitate the set-up process, so we saved a lot of time onboarding. Then, in just a few clicks, we were up and running with Airbyte."

Breaking the rigidity of existing data connectors

Airbyte's built-in connectors and the ease of building custom connectors make it an attractive choice compared to other ETL solutions. 

"As we researched open-source ETL tools, we found a variety of options. But, what clicked with us was the diverse range of built-in connectors that Airbyte offers. With Airbyte, we can effortlessly connect to Stripe, Hubspot, Google Sheets, and many more."

Consolidation of data into a data warehouse for analytics

We primarily collect data from Google Sheets and CRM data from Hubspot. These data sources are then piped into Google BigQuery data warehouses and viewed using Metabase. Using Airbyte, we could use custom-built connectors to load data into our BigQuery database within just a few minutes.

"We collect a lot of information using Google Sheets which is then transformed using dbt and loaded into temporary BigQuery data warehouses. Airbyte streamlines the process of consolidating information from different sheets and seamlessly connects all data sources using a single tool. This wasn't easy to accomplish with other market options we researched, as they don't offer such a wide variety of connectors."

Using Airbyte, it was effortless to structure and load different sources of information into our BigQuery database within just a few hours. In addition, for a smaller team like Vive Tech, Airbyte saves us a great deal of time developing APIs by providing us with flexible connectors.

How do we feel about using Airbyte?

Through its flexible, custom-built connectors, Airbyte has become a vital part of our platform for mining and processing data from a wide range of sources. This saved our data team a lot of time. Moreover, with the constant support available from Airbyte experts, we are confident in Airbyte's capabilities as we continue to scale our use cases.

"The support from Airbyte's team has been consistent since day one. In the beginning, when we were having issues with setting up Airbyte within our infrastructure, I was amazed to find that so many people from Airbyte's team, as well as others in the Slack community, were so eager to reply to help and were very attentive to our needs."