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Airbyte acquires Grouparoo to accelerate Data Movement

Michel Tricot
April 7, 2022
2 min read

Airbyte’s mission is to power companies’ movement of data. We are strong believers that ubiquitous access to data requires a flexible, open source solution and the support and engagement of a strong community. 

There are several companies who share this same vision and over the past year we’ve built great relationships with them. Among them, Grouparoo has been building a reverse-ETL open source product used by hundreds of users. 

Today, we are delighted to announce that Grouparoo will be joining Airbyte!

Why Grouparoo?

If you’ve read our handbook, you know how important our company values are to us. Finding another company who shares these values is rare, and when we first met with the Grouparoo team, it was clear that both companies were built on the same foundations.

In addition to these values, we had a similar vision for the future of data, just at different levels of the data stack. When we started to talk about how our two projects could interact with one another, it became clear that joining forces would be the most efficient way to create the standard for data integration and effectively power data movement.

“There were so many similarities in culture, approach, and technology between Airbyte and Grouparoo, just at different layers in the data stack,"  said Brian Leonard, CEO of Grouparoo. "By combining our experiences, we are even better set up to accomplish the Grouparoo mission of making people's data actionable.”

Grouparoo’s team understands the challenges of building a reverse-ETL solution, and will have an important role to play as we start enabling moving data out of data warehouses into systems of action.

Open source consolidation

As Airbyte becomes the de facto standard for data integration we must enable data movement and actionability at every step. Many members of our community have been asking for this and although our primary focus has always been ELT, reverse-ETL has always been on our roadmap and we’re excited to finally build this out with the help of an entire new team.

With Grouparoo and Airbyte joining forces, we are on our way to offering a unique place in the open-source ecosystem where every data engineer, every analytics engineer, every data analyst can easily move data whether for analytics or operational use cases.

The consolidation of these two communities around one single project will allow Airbyte to deliver the high quality, reliable integrations, and be the only solution to cover the long-tail of connectors across ELT and reverse-ETL.

Move data. Get insights.

We are thrilled and humbled to welcome Grouparoo into the Airbyte team. Expect to hear more about this in the next few months as we build out reverse-ETL and support additional data movement use cases.

Thank you to our community for supporting us and for your continuous feedback. We wouldn’t be where we are without you.


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