Move(data) 2022: The Most Stacked Lineup of Data Speakers at Airbyte's first Conference

Today we are proud to announce the speaker lineup for move(data), the last data engineering conference of 2022 and Airbyte’s first after crossing 10,000 data community members.

TL;DR: our conference will be held online on Dec 7th and 8th, we're pretty excited about our lineup of speakers, and we're doing a raffle if you register here and share with your friends!

This is not your average online snoozefest. We have rethought every part of the conference experience from first principles - borrowing from the best reviewed online conferences like Stripe Sessions, !!Con and HYTRADBOI. Prerecordings (no tech risk, time for edits and retakes, watch at >1x), all lightning talks (no fluff, less screen fatigue), and dual-tracked (so you can hop around and/or chat along in our Slack).

Both dates will open with awesome keynotes on the Future of the Data Stack:

  • Day 1: Michel Tricot, Co-founder and CEO, Airbyte
  • Day 2: Chetan Puttagunta, GP, Benchmark, and Jean Lafleur, Co-founder and COO, Airbyte

Each day, we break into two tracks named after our beloved mascot, Octavia Squidington III:

  • Octavia Track: 10 minute lightning talks from our 7x oversubscribed CFP process, with awesome speakers covering Headless BI (, Data Orchestration (Prefect), Real-time Dashboard (Redpanda), Data Quality (Metaplane) and many more, of course with some hot takes and product previews from Airbyte engineers too!
  • Squidington Track: 10 minute lightning talks from founders and leaders of companies all across the data ecosystem, answering the Billboard question: “If you could put one message on a billboard for everyone in the data world to hear, what would it say?

Imagine the crazy overwhelming Modern Data Stack landscape charts that everyone loves to pour over.

Now imagine we got everyone together to make a one-stop shop for you to learn what’s at the top of everyone’s minds.

That’s move(data)!

You can register for move(data) now. And, if you share your virtual ticket on social media, you'll be entered to win a great raffle prize!

So don't wait, claim your ticket today!

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