Elevate your engineering impact with more data

Centralize your engineering data to uncover insights, boost efficiency and drive business impact.

Secure from source to destination

We ensure the security of your data with encryption in transit and at rest, and provide  PII masking through column selection.

Easily centralize engineering data

Leverage off-the-shelf connectors from the industry’s largest catalog of engineering connectors.

Get end-to-end visibility

Understand how your team and systems perform. Align team with company priorities, and understand the impact of your releases.

Empower your engineering leadership with centralized dashboards

Centralize the data from all your engineering tools and get visibility over the performance of your teams, the progress of your programs, to help with better coaching and project decisions.

Case study
Reducing Engineering Costs by 50%

Graniterock leverages its data warehouse for a wide variety of applications. From resource scheduling and job forecasting for the Construction Division, COVID tracking for the HR and Safety Divisions, material production for the Sales and Operational Divisions, and even customer engagement for the Marketing Division.