Centralize all your product data for deeper insights

Empower your product team with more data for better decisions.

Easy setup for fast access to data

No help needed from data engineers. Set up your pipelines within 10 minutes, no code required.

Centralize all your product and customer data

Leverage off-the-shelf connectors from the largest catalog of product connectors.

Drive better decisions

Centralize all product and customer data, to ship the right features at the right time to the right audience.

Accelerate your product growth with better consolidated data

Combine product insights with customer data for better prioritization

Prioritize your future features based on the insights you have from customers you care about. Make your roadmap a revenue-driven one.

Better inform your revenue strategy

Make all your product data accessible to key decision-makers around all the org. Enable your sales team with insight on how customers and prospects are using your product, identify those at risk of leaving, and plan marketing efforts to increase adoption.
Case study
Consolidating data silos at Fnatic

Fnatic, based out of London, is the world's leading esports organization, with a winning legacy of 16 years and counting in over 28 different titles, generating over 13m USD in prize money. Fnatic has an engaged follower base of 14m across their social media platforms and hundreds of millions of people watch their teams compete in League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, Rainbow Six Siege, and many more titles every year.

Unlock analytics throughout your whole organization

Product + marketing analytics

Combine marketing data with product behavior data to better understand your ideal audience and their behaviors.
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Product + sales analytics

Merge customer data with product behavior data to make your product strategy a revenue strategy.
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Product + engineering analytics

Build better insights into the impact of engineering efforts, and how you can better prioritize, with engineering analytics.
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