Accelerate business growth with better finance analytics.

Unlock the potential of your business with automated reliable financial projections and analytics.

Secure from source to destination

We ensure the security of your data with encryption in transit and at rest, and provide  PII masking through column selection.

Easily centralize all your finance and business data

Leverage off-the-shelf connectors from the largest catalog of finance connectors.

Drive better decisions

Efficiently track trends with advanced financial and business reporting capabilities. No more human error from spreadsheets.

Focus more on strategy than tracking numbers

Get your dashboards updated near real time without fail

Put a stop to all those failed jobs that prevents you from getting the finance insight you need every day. No more getting buried in spreadsheets.

Securing your data, every step of the way

Data encryption both in transit and at rest to securely transfer data, and optional features such as column hashing to mask PII are coming soon (column selection is available now).
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Case study
Consolidating data silos at Fnatic

Fnatic, based out of London, is the world's leading esports organization, with a winning legacy of 16 years and counting in over 28 different titles, generating over 13m USD in prize money. Fnatic has an engaged follower base of 14m across their social media platforms and hundreds of millions of people watch their teams compete in League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, Rainbow Six Siege, and many more titles every year.

Unlock analytics throughout your whole organization

Finance + marketing analytics

Combine marketing expense data with financial budget data in order to track marketing spend.
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Finance + sales analytics

Build better insights on margin growth or your business overall by combining sales and finance data.
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