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The State of Data 2023

John Lafleur
May 25, 2023
5 min read
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Data orchestration

Most people are still using self-hosted Airflow, especially in the enterprise segment. This may again (like in Data Ingestion) indicate a preference for self-hosted solutions for enterprises. It should be noted that Dagster is definitely coming up the ranks with the highest number of ‘Want to try’. 

Business intelligence

The giants Looker and Tableau are still ruling the roost, but there is also significant churn from Tableau to newer solutions. 

Data quality

Great Expectations and Monte Carlo are leading the pack. The other tools have mostly either been unheard of or not considered. This may evolve as the industry continues to mature. 

Reverse ETL

Hightouch and Census are neck-and-neck, but the vast majority of the market is still up for grabs. It’s early in the market for this technology, as the high number of ‘Don’t know’ indicates. 

Data catalogs

DataHub and Atlan are leading for now, but the vast majority of the market is also up for grabs.

Community influencers

The State of Data went beyond the technology stack and also looked at the communities and resources leveraged by the community. Here is the list of most followed newsletters and podcasts, and YouTube channels.  

The State of Data holds a lot more insights with the additional filters based on company size, location, and years of experience, in addition to quotes from data influencers. 

It is a first iteration that we will renew every year with the intent to grow the number of participants every year, so we can better and better reflect the industry. We also hope to involve other data communities in the next survey. Stay tuned!

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