Explore popular use cases to empower your teams

Explore popular use cases to empower your teams

Create an ELT pipeline from Postgres to BigQuery

Learn how we created an ELT pipeline to sync data from Postgres to BigQuery using Airbyte Cloud. You can follow these steps to create your own.

Build an open data lakehouse with Dremio and Airbyte

Learn how to move all your data to a data lake and connect your data lake with the Dremio lakehouse platform.

Search your entire Slack history on a free plan

Learn how to bypass Slack's message history restriction and access all of your messages, even if you aren't on a paid Slack plan.

Replicate Salesforce and Zendesk data to Keen for unified analytics

Learn how to replicate data from Salesforce and Zendesk to Keen to gain a 360-degree view of your business using Airbyte.

Visualize the time spent by your team in Zoom calls

Learn how to visualize how much time your team is spending in Zoom calls with the Airbyte Zoom connector and Tableau.

Build a single customer view with open-source tools

Learn how to use a data integration tool (Airbyte) and a data transformation tool (dbt) to create a single customer view on a data warehouse (BigQuery).

Build a Slack activity dashboard with Apache Superset

Build a Slack activity dashboard quickly using the Slack Airbyte connector and Apache Superset.

Create an open-source dbt package to analyze Github data

Learn how to create a dbt package to analyze Github data extracted with Airbyte.

Build an EL(T) from PostgreSQL using Change Data Capture (CDC)

Set up PostgreSQL CDC in minutes using Airbyte, leveraging a powerful tool like Debezium to build a near real-time EL(T).

Identify data quality issues on data ingestion pipelines with dbt and re_data

Learn how to detect data quality issues on your Airbyte syncs with re_data.

Build a GitHub activity dashboard for your project

Using the Airbyte GitHub connector and Metabase, we can create insightful dashboards for GitHub projects.

Deploy a Self-service Business Intelligence Project With Whaly & Airbyte

Learn how to move your data to a data warehouse with Airbyte, model it, and build a self-service layer with Whaly’s BI platform.