Explore popular use cases to empower your teams

Explore popular use cases to empower your teams

Partition and cluster BigQuery tables with Airbyte and dbt

Learn how to modify the dbt code used by Airbyte to partition and cluster BigQuery tables.

Build a connector to extract data from the Webflow API

Learn how to use Airbyte’s Python CDK to write a source connector that extracts data from the Webflow API.

Explore Airbyte's incremental refresh data synchronization

Learn how Airbyte’s incremental synchronization replication modes work.

Airflow and Airbyte OSS - Better Together

Learn how to create an Airflow DAG (directed acyclic graph) that triggers Airbyte synchronizations.

How to write an Airbyte Python Destination: DuckDB

A guide on how to create a Python Destination (DuckDB). Code snippets linked to a single PR.

Set up a modern data stack with Docker

Learn how to quickly set up a modern data stack using Docker Compose with Airbyte, BigQuery, dbt, Airflow and Superset.

Load Data into Delta Lake on Databricks Lakehouse

Learn how to load data to a Databricks Lakehouse and run simple analytics.

Build a real-time data analytics pipeline with Airbyte, Kafka, and Pinot

Learn how to use Airbyte, Kafka, and Pinot to build a data pipeline for a user-facing analytics dashboard.

Version control Airbyte configurations with Octavia CLI

Use Octavia CLI to import, edit, and apply Airbyte application configurations to replicate data from Postgres to BigQuery.

Automate your Data Scraping with Apache Airflow and Beautiful Soup

Learn how to easily automate your LinkedIn Scraping with Airflow and Beautiful Soup.

Replicate Postgres data to Redshift for analytics

Learn how to build an ELT pipeline to replicate data from Postgres to Redshift in AWS.

Validate data replication pipelines with data-diff

Learn to replicate data from Postgres to Snowflake with Airbyte, and compare replicated data with data-diff.