Explore popular use cases to empower your teams

Explore popular use cases to empower your teams

Explore Airbyte's Change Data Capture (CDC) replication

Learn how Airbyte’s Change Data Capture (CDC) synchronization replication works.

Validate data replication pipelines with data-diff

Learn to replicate data from Postgres to Snowflake with Airbyte, and compare replicated data with data-diff.

Migrate from MySQL to PostgreSQL

Easily migrate your MySQL data to PostgreSQL.

Replicate Data Between PostgreSQL Databases

Migrate data between any PostgreSQL instances in under 10 minutes.

How to write an Airbyte Python Destination: DuckDB

A guide on how to create a Python Destination (DuckDB). Code snippets linked to a single PR.

Create an ELT pipeline from Postgres to BigQuery

Learn how we created an ELT pipeline to sync data from Postgres to BigQuery using Airbyte Cloud. You can follow these steps to create your own.

Replicate data from a PostgreSQL database to Snowflake

Learn how to replicate data from an OnLine Transactional Processing (OLTP) database like PostgreSQL, to an OnLine Analytical Processing (OLAP) data warehouse like Snowflake.

Load Google Sheets data to PostgreSQL in AWS RDS

Learn how to use Airbyte Cloud to load data from Google Sheets into a PostgreSQL instance in AWS RDS.

Load Data into Delta Lake on Databricks Lakehouse

Learn how to load data to a Databricks Lakehouse and run simple analytics.

Explore Airbyte's incremental refresh data synchronization

Learn how Airbyte’s incremental synchronization replication modes work.

Airflow and Airbyte OSS - Better Together

Learn how to create an Airflow DAG (directed acyclic graph) that triggers Airbyte synchronizations.

Version control Airbyte configurations with Octavia CLI

Use Octavia CLI to import, edit, and apply Airbyte application configurations to replicate data from Postgres to BigQuery.