Explore popular use cases to empower your teams

Visualize the time spent by your team in Zoom calls

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Learn how to visualize how much time your team is spending in Zoom calls with the Airbyte Zoom connector and Tableau.

Build a GitHub activity dashboard for your project

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Using the Airbyte GitHub connector and Metabase, we can create insightful dashboards for GitHub projects.

Forecast purchase orders for your Shopify store with MindsDB

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Use the integrated machine learning in MindsDB to forecast Shopify store metrics.

Replicate your PostgreSQL data with Airbyte

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Migrate your data between any two Postgres instances in under 10 minutes.

Search your entire Slack history on a free plan

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Learn how to bypass Slack's message history restriction and access all of your messages, even if you aren't on a paid Slack plan.

Build a Slack activity dashboard with Apache Superset

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Build a Slack activity dashboard quickly using the Slack Airbyte connector and Apache Superset.

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